A Persistent Knock at The Door?

When you hear a knock you typically go to the door to greet a visitor.  Well ONE DAY I heard the knock-knock but the sound couldn’t be coming from the door, or could it?

If you know the privacy of the building the main door is far away from the suite doors.  No one knocked at my suite door, so I went to the front door; I looked out the door window as I heard the knocking continue.  It wasn’t the door but it was the WALL that was being knocked on!   And it WASN’T knuckles rapping it was a shiny black BEAK TAPPING!  Dunt-dunt-DAH… a WOODPECKER!

My conversation with the black-capped percussionist only made it look away from the bugs it was searching for.  So I persisted to angrily shout, “shoo!  Get out of here!” Then something even more unexpected happened next.  Two little birds from the bush below flew up to chase the woodpecker who flew away with the Song Sparrows in pursuit!

A new hobby at the hotel to keep the woodpecker at bay; feeding the little birds!   Songbirds still may be cold but well fed here while winter wanes in our corner of the Peace Region.  I just know they can’t help but appreciate it because it’s empty within a day or two (if it warms up). 

Google suggests:

 “What does it mean when you see a woodpecker?   ….. The woodpecker symbolizes new opportunities, creativity, optimism, courage, motivation, revival, self-actualization, balance, communication, protection, and discernment. This bird is most closely associated with opportunity and new possibilities.Oct 10, 2022”

There you have it!  So we should enjoy her next visit but we’d really rather not see her back on the building but any nearby trees will do!

Cheers all!